Socrates Architects | Jersey, C.I. | Art
Socrates Architects are an award-winning and celebrated creative design-led Jersey architects practice. We operate in Jersey, London, and Nationally.
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It's London but not as we know it. This artist's impressions of a future London was a shortlisted winner of a competition launched by estate agent Cluttons and property news magazine Estate Gazette. Will the metropolis of tomorrow be a land of aquacities, sky gardens and huge alien-looking domes? “A great dome construction of vast, interconnected mega-structures: a city above the city, a city in the sky. The Dome would provide mixed-use city infrastructure, able to exist above any city, with offices, living and retail spaces. Inspired by the harmonious, closely integrated communal living of bees, the Dome comprises of hexagonal structures which allows for a column-free, curved formation enabling the building to span further distances. This curving provides a natural, flowing counterbalance to the Dome’s geometric, hexagonal structures.”